2022 Community Impact Award: Ann Middleton

2022 Community Impact Award: Ann Middleton

Northwest Pilot Project’s Impact Awards celebrate and show special gratitude to extraordinary people and groups whose contributions have been critical to the work of the agency over the past year. Our Community Impact Award acknowledges the engagement of volunteers in supporting NWPP clients and services. This year, we honor Ann Middleton. Thank you and congratulations, Ann!

Volunteering with NWPP has been a part of Ann’s life for more than 30 years. Choosing to serve with the agency, she says, “was a natural choice for me because, as a social worker, I always have been interested in helping to improve peoples’ circumstances and loathe when people have to struggle to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ ”

Ann served on the NWPP board of directors for 20 years, and has continued her service to the agency as our star community engagement liaison. Ann shares that working with NWPP has allowed her to learn about the homeless community, the vast resources needed to help them and the vital importance of the service providers that respond to their needs in a meaningful way. It also has allowed her to see that the resources and funding sources needed are not always available or not available at the time they are needed. 

Ann believes that as a vibrant, creative, and flexible agency, NWPP, its staff, volunteers, and donors work together tirelessly to equip people to move from the street to their own apartments. The work is important and good and benefits many.

“I am so proud to be affiliated with NWPP and throughout these 30 years of my volunteer work, my appreciation and admiration for its services have only grown every year,” Ann says. NWPP credits Ann with broadening the donor base, while building and sustaining many joyful relationships. Ann’s continuing goal is to create relevant opportunities to reach new prospective donors by spreading the word about the knowledgeable, respectful, supportive work of NWPP.

“I am honored to accept the Community Impact Award on behalf of all the people who are engaged with NWPP and all those who serve its clients on a daily basis.”

We are so grateful to Ann for her ongoing service to NWPP, her belief in our values, vision and mission, and of her support of Northwest Pilot Project and the seniors we serve. 

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