Mission / Vision / Values

Mission / Vision / Values

Northwest Pilot Project’s Commitment to Racial and Social Justice

Northwest Pilot Project strongly condemns the brutal police killing of George Floyd, and we recognize that his death was tragic, unnecessary, and preventable.
We realize that his murder, along with the extrajudicial killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, are among the many examples of systemic repression and disregard for Black lives in the US, and the unwarranted use of force and violence by the police on communities of color. We acknowledge that racial inequality manifests not only in deprivation of resources, but also in physical and emotional violence directed towards Black/ African American people, Indigenous people, and People of Color (BIPOC). We know that institutionalized white supremacy and anti-Black racism have gone uninterrupted for generations and that it is our responsibility as an organization to commit ourselves to continuous anti-racist work.
We stand in solidarity with Black communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color as well as immigrant and refugee communities. We commit ourselves to calling out racism in all its forms and developing and changing policies to enact racial justice. We commit to holding our white colleagues accountable for racist actions and words and ensuring that our work to address the housing needs of low-income seniors is informed by racial justice values and best practices. We commit to prioritizing the housing needs of BIPOC older adults and all who experience systemic discrimination and marginalization.
We recognize that the history of systemic racism is interwoven with the history and present-day existence of housing discrimination and wealth inequality in the US, which are root causes of homelessness and poverty in our communities, and we commit to using our work as an organization to undo this legacy.
We invite you to remember these individuals, and so many others who we won’t forget, and to say their names aloud, affirming that Black Lives Matter:

Rayshard Brooks
George Floyd
Tony McDade
Ahmaud ArberyBreonna Taylor
Philando Castile
Botham Jean
Aaron Campbell
Quanice Hayes
Keaton Otis
Sandra Bland
Laquan McDonald
Tamir Rice
Jordan Davis
Alton Sterling
Freddie Gray
Michael Brown
Eric Garner
Trayvon Martin
Sean Reed
Walter Scott
Sam Dubose

OUR MISSION: to offer opportunities for a life of dignity and hope to very low income seniors in Multnomah County by solving housing and transportation needs.

Our staff works with very low and extremely low-income seniors in Multnomah County to help them keep and find housing they can afford.

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of individuals and businesses, and through partnerships with area funders, we have provided housing placement, transportation and support to more than 40,000 older adults over the last 50 years. We believe housing is a human right and that every older adult deserves safe, decent housing they can afford.


All low-income seniors have the opportunity to live in safe and affordable long-term housing.

Northwest Pilot Project’s Values

At NWPP, our values have a purpose:  they guide our choices in the decisions we make every day.

  • Dignity – We respect the inherent value and worth of each person and treat everyone with genuine dignity.
  • Compassion – We truly care about what we do and are committed to serving with empathy, caring and support.
  • Equity We acknowledge that our current social, economic, and political systems are unfair.  We marshal our resources to advance equitable opportunities and outcomes for all.
  • Kindness We lead and act from the heart and strive to create a culture of kindness, gentleness, caring, and trustworthiness.
  • Advocacy – We raise our voice and the voices of those we serve for legislative and social policy issues that support decent, safe, affordable housing for low-income seniors.
  • Respect – We treat each other, our clients, partners and supporters with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.
  • Effectiveness – We remain true to our mission and work hard to provide exceptional service to our constituents and maximize the support of our donors.
  • Responsiveness we strive to be accessible, flexible, transparent, and to demonstrate a sense of urgency in our resolve and decision-making.
  • Fiscal responsibility – Staff, board and volunteers all have a duty to ensure that the money the organization raises is spent wisely on programs directly related to the agency’s mission.
  • Integrity –  We carry out our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.

NWPP’s Commitment to Equity

Northwest Pilot Project staff members and Board recognize Oregon’s history of discrimination and injustice, and the disparities in access to resources and opportunities that communities of color face today.  NWPP is committed to evaluating and increasing the access, services and success rate in our programs for people of color. In our fiscal year 2017-18, 42% of the households we served in our Housing Program included a person of color. We continue to examine our program outcomes through an equity lens and are working on compiling and analyzing consumer feedback on our program, including analysis by race and ethnicity.

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