"I am grateful for the medical rides from Northwest Pilot Project."



Northwest Pilot Project’s core work is to assist low-income seniors 55 years and older, who live in Multnomah County and are capable of independent living , in obtaining and maintaining permanent affordable rental housing. In today’s housing market in Portland, our work is more critical than ever.

Navigating access to and then securing housing that’s within the budget of very low-income seniors is very challenging. This is our area of expertise.

Read more about what affordable housing is, our approach to our work, and our measures of success.

If you need assistance with housing or are at risk of losing your housing, click here.


Northwest Pilot Project provides transportation services to clients enrolled in our Housing Program to assist with:

  • Medical rides
  • Housing-related rides
  • Shopping/Personal business rides
  • Our transportation services are designed to support Multnomah County seniors in maintaining their health and independence in permanent, affordable housing.

If you have questions about our transportation services, please contact us at 503-227-5605.


NWPP advocates increasing the supply, affordability and accessibility of housing. We advocate with government entities including the City of Portland, Multnomah County, the State of Oregon, and the federal government. We also direct our advocacy at housing authorities, for-profit and non-profit building owners/property managers, and the media. Our goal is to ensure every low-income senior in Multnomah County has a decent, affordable place to live. Since there are not enough available apartments to meet the housing needs of low income seniors and construction of units is not keeping pace, we advocate increasing the supply, affordability and accessibility of housing.

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